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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Flagler County FL's Superintendent of Schools, LaShakia Moore, Wants to Have a "Conversation" to Teach the Community how to 'Properly Disagree' with The Board's WOKE Policies. No Thanks. by Rev. Charlene E. Cothran

Superintendent LaShakia Moore, Flagler County School District

Satan has no new tricks. He uses the same old approach since the beginning of man. "Let's have a conversation. Genesis 3:1-5; 'Did God really say that you couldn't eat of this tree in the garden?' In today's vernacular 'did God really say that there are only two genders?' 'Did God really say that homosexuality is sin?' Apparently, the reality or even the possibility of discussing TRUTH at Flagler Schools... that there are only two genders, and that marriage is God's institution ordained for one man to be married to one woman "are appropriate for a church but not in a school" Moore said at a recent School Board Community meeting in Bunnel, FL, September 27, 2023. We got the feeling that just being a Christian will have you disqualified as a possible volunteer at the District's Schools. She went on with nervous word selection..."We have to be very, very careful..." (not to tell children the TRUTH about gender and sex). That's the part she could not say out loud.

It was during this same meeting The Evidence Ministry Inc. launched our newest evangelical initiative, THE TRUTH TOUR, to proclaim the Bible's TRUTH in the PUBLIC SQUARE. The TRUTH TOUR was a huge success in Bunnell, FL and even more so at it's most recent event in Flagler Beach, FL. At the Bunnell event, we were positioned across the street from G.W. Carver Community Center where a 'Block Party & Community Forum' was hosted by Flagler School Board. We served three busloads of students returning from school with games & free back packs with school supplies as we spoke the TRUTH to parents, teachers and administrators who were scurrying between rain drops, from the parking lot to this indoor event. It was truly interesting to observe how many adults and students stood OUTSIDE, in the light rain with us, to hear and fully receive our message, as if they wondered 'what could be so important that this group would stand with loudspeakers in the rain?' Our message to parents & students alike is simple and TRUE. "Do not be carried away with strange doctrines (and lies about gender & homosexuality) which you may hear in schools." Hebrews 13:9.

We made TRUTH contact with over 200 citizens of Flagler County in Bunnell that evening. We also attended and spoke during the Public Forum portion of their event. In Flagler Beach,FL October 6, 2023 we proclaimed the TRUTH to over 500 Flagler County citizens gathered for a monthly outdoor event. We were joined by Pastor Donald Wilburn and members of his local congregation from Palm Coast Praise Assembly of God. We are incredibly thankful for Pastor Don's boldness, evangelical preaching and continued support. God has also sent to us a Childrens' ministry assistant, Miss Sonya Garcia, whom we met at a local Baptist Church. She has been with us at every turn! Many other pastors and friends of The Evidence Ministry have committed to praying for the success of THE TRUTH TOUR and we can feel those prays working. Ultimately, it's about SOULS hearing the gospel's TRUTH; having their faith in the Word of God (in the Person of Christ Jesus) - actived, restored, revived.

Back to Superintendent Moore's invitation to have a "conversation". It is our position, from biblical teachings, that homosexuality is sin, and that transgenderism exists only in Woke documents because there is quite simply NO SUCH THING as a man turning into a woman nor a woman turning into a man, nor a person becoming whatever they imagine or 'identify' as. It is very apparent that this TRUTH is discussed and agreed upon PRIVATELY, (especially among Black parents and Black Christians) but NOT discussed, preached or taught PUBLICALY. The TRUTH TOUR aims to change this! We will BOLDLY proclaim, in the public square, the BASIC tenants of TRUE biblical faith; that God created man in His own image. Male and female created He them. Genesis 1:27; and MUCH more!

These basic biological FACTS as established in the Holy Scriptures are brought into question the moment our children enter the care & control of the public school system, now locally led by Superintendent Moore, who desires to confere with those of us who disagree with these ideologies. Trouble is, I've been around gay politics long enough to recognize that this invitation to have a "conversation" is right out of the play book of the homosexual politician. However, I have to give her some credit. She is certainly qualified to lead. According to Superintendent LaShakia Moore, originally from Fort Pierce, Florida is a product of the Florida public school system and a 2004 graduate of Bethune-Cookman University, earning her master’s degree in educational leadership from St. Leo University in 2017. She is married to a man, has adult children and young grandchildren. She knows what being a parent is all about. I do not believe Superintendent Moore is a homosexual politician however she is SURELY EMPLOYED & CONTROLED by them. And just like every other intimidated administrator of Public-School Districts across this country, Superintendent Moore is going to do whatever she feels necessary to KEEP HER JOB. She knows that she has NO CHOICE but to STRICTLY follow their directives and use their exact Talking Points at community events, media & broadcasts produced for her by progressive homosexual politicians & their allies.

What a shame. Again, from what I have observed of Moore, she is a well-educated, talented and articulate professional. They should have hired her years ago. But why now? The TRUTH is, there is overwhelming popularity and support for Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature's creation of new laws that unroot Woke LIES in corporations who target children, at the university misusing "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" DEI funds and offices, most importantly at public & other schools where children and families are taught and administered to. Gov. DeSantis and the State of Florida acted to guarantee parents the right to control their kid's education AND TO BE NOTIFIED when their child shows signs of mental illness such as claiming to be transgender or homosexual. Here in Florida, we are experiencing a resurgence of TRUTH however if he or she is to survive, the homosexual politician needs to puppet a hetero-Black face out front while they attempt to get reelected AND while they CREATE CRISIS situations, such as "Bunnell Elementary Fires Principal for "segregating" Black students." Folks, the FAKE Bunnell Elementary headline grabber was a planned and well-coordinated phony "crisis" to aid the District in continuing to intimidate & indoctrinate administrators, teachers, parents and District employees. New "training" was one of the top goals and is the well published result. How the heck did this small-town story make it to CNN anyway, you ask?!? via GLAAD, how else?! By the way, GLAAD "owns" Gayle King of CBS Morning News---Oprah Winfrey's "friend".)

The Flagler School District wants ALL school employees to remember what happens if you do not obey whatever policies they may put in place. They pretend that they are preventing discrimination against African American students, at Bunnell Elementary, when REALLY, they are preparing for when the political winds blow in their direction again. Homosexuals and so-called transgenders politicians hope to restore and reestablish Wokeness in Florida Schools.

They'll continue this course of action until they feel it's SAFE to fill the Superintendent's seat with another progressive homosexual politician. That's when they'll come up with some reason to fire Moore. But for now, Moore's gifts and skin color are convenient. She is literally being PIMPED by the forementioned homosexual advocacy groups and allies.

The TRUTH is homosexual politicians have no choice but to partner with Black political and Black civic organizations because they have NO CAUSE of their own. Black skin is IMMUTABLE. Homosexuality is not. Homosexuals can and often do 'hide in a closet' when they do not want to endure discrimination. Blacks do not have that luxury. I often say, I am Black FROM ACROSS THE STREET! You can clearly see that. Not so with the homosexual. If they don't 'feel safe', simply slip into a closet.

I read a book in 2003 that I find TRUER as the years go by. Author Greg Tate's "Everything But the Burden: What White People (or in this analogy, homosexual politicians) are Taking From Black Culture". They want the same rights offered to African Americans as a result of the Civil Rights Act of 1864 -the right to litigate when harmed by blatant discrimination. Whatever they claim to have suffered was/is CHOSEN, as homosexuality is a CHOSEN lifestyle. There is no gay gene, no proof whatsoever that a person is born gay and THEY KNOW IT'S A LIE! They want the Rights as if they've been enslaved, lynched, whipped, had their children and family members sold off; as if they were prevented from learning to read, attending a college, attaining employment for which they were well qualified; as if they were legally denied medical attention, to sleep in a hotel, swim in an ocean or even walk on the wrong side of town. They want the Right to SUE for discrimination, as if they have suffered like my fore parents did, but they certainly do NOT want the BURDEN of actually BEING BLACK!

Homosexual politicians, who are in control at high political levels are predominantly white & male. It is an important part of their political progression to fund and occupy Blacks organizations (BLACK LIVES MATTER) and to promote and hire Black professionals & Black homosexuals who are talented and willing to lend themselves to such political prostitution.

The TRUTH Tour is about showing up in the public square to EXPOSE these falsehoods to our communities and churches. We DISAGREE with gay "marriage" and all that it has released from Pandora's box, (laws to support transgender ideology, pedophilia, polygamy, and bestiality is not far behind. You may be wondering how we got here and what we MUST do to get back to God's way. Here are my top two reasons our nation and churches have turned SO gay, and SO trans, SO quickly. (More to come in my book, "No Turning Back")

1. THE COURTS In his book "TRUTH OVERRULED: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom" by Ryan T. Anderson, he writes "Every Organization Matters. The redefinition of marriage was NOT inevitable, but the sexual revolutionaries wanted you to think it was. They didn't succeed because they made a better argument. Most people weren't persuaded that genderless marriage is a better policy. They were HARASSED and INTIMIDATED into SILENCE by the gay advocacy juggernaut."


There are many sinful SECRETS held for decades by progressive homosexuals who have carried cameras & journals to gather juicy bombshells--planning to use them against men & women who, over time, rise to prominence yet may not be as willing, in the moment, to fully submit to the newest Woke narrative. (---ask Andrew Gillum, Barack Obama & T. D. Jakes about that...). The TRUTH is we ALL have secret sins, but to WEAPONIZE THE SINS OF A PERSON'S YOUTH when they are, perhaps, no longer that person is the evil gay way!

In New Jersey, 2003-2006, I published a local newspaper called The Kitchen Table News, which was financed in part by my then gay magazine, VENUS. I'll never forget the day a young gay white man stopped in and asked for a meeting. He was completely giddy as he told me how his organization wrote a letter to a local NJ daily newspaper asking that a gay couple's engagement be announced in the same section where couples announce their engagements. This had never been asked of the paper before. He said the response from the editor was "We decline. Our readers are not ready for this type of announcement." He went on to tell me that he anticipated that answer and had already prepared a photo file of the NEWSPAPER'S PUBLISHER, at a much younger age, in a very compromising position with a homosexual male college mate. He said he MAILED this file marked 'CONFIDENTIAL' to the publisher's home demanding that the gay engagement be published ASAP. He laughed out loud! I was shocked at his glee considering the possible destruction of this man's marriage, his relationship with his adult children and grandchildren, his friends. But this was and still is the behavior and thrust of the progressive homosexual politician! They will do ANYTHING to have the outcome result in their way only! Within TWO WEEKS, the first 'gay engagement' appeared in that local NJ morning paper. I was stunned. I had just been exposed to one of many "secret strategies" to gay political success. Months after that, New Jersey's then Governor James McGreevy was forced out of the closet by a jilted gay lover who produced a similar old beach photo for public display.

Superintendent Moore has been heard on recent radio clips saying she wants to "bridge the divide between adults who see things their way only." She even says "people do not know how to disagree." Moore needs to stop attempting to gas light non-believers of Woke ideology. Her description of "adults who see things their way only" points directly to the homosexual politicians she is controlled by, the Flagler County's School Board and Board allies. #StopLying

Why not meet with Moore? Why not sit down with her and other School Board Members and "agree-to-disagree", as I'm guessing she will proport? Plainly stated, because it's a waste of time! Been there. Done that. I met with each and every School Board member in prior years AND again, just before their decision to hire Cathy Mittelstadt, an out-of-the-closet-lesbian-married-to-a-woman as Superintendent in 2020. Most of Board members flat out LIED to me about their understanding or support for sex and gender education issues. Again, these are/were Woke policies which were found to be so evil that they are NOW ILLEGAL in the State of Florida! The Flagler Board is not interested in the TRUTH so, forgive me for not sitting down to hear more LIES from the same Board (culture).

The time for talking AROUND, tiptoeing AROUND Woke ideologies is OVER! The damage has been done. Religion as a moral compass and The God of the Bible as supreme authority and author of ALL TRUTH, has been replaced with "mental health services" and pharmaceutical drugs. Parents have been replaced by "Behavior Health" professionals in schools. Parents are well intimidated by Leftist school Board attorneys to support these wicked ideologies. But thanks be to God, the tide is FINALLY turning in the direction the TRUTH!

People who hold TRUTH dear, there is no time or reason to revisit a WOKE "conversation" in the name of good neighborly politics! We're done talking.

In fact, let's take a look at what happened to some of our beloved institutions who have had on going "conversations" with the Left's Human Rights Campaign (HRC). They were drawn in by the intellectually stimulating invitation or proposal to start a "conversation" & dialogue about the growing acceptance of gay marriage among the faithful, prior to & after Obergefell vs. Hodges.

**The TRUTH is, when you sit down with these progressive gay groups and/or their employees, either you are converting them OR THEY ARE CONVERTING YOU!! The latter is the design & goal of the "conversation".

The Southern Baptist Conference's first Black president, Rev. Fred Luter, was featured in The Evidence Ministry's quarterly magazine, VICTORY, 2012. He boldly led the Conferences'

16 million faithful away from a rising Woke culture, and the acceptance of gay "marriage" among its churches. (Other voices within the Southern Baptist Conference have more recently allowed these "conversations". The results are controversial and heresy.)

Rev. Fred Luter, the first Black President of The Southern Baptist Conference

Rev. Luter clearly affirmed the Word of God that homosexuality is SIN, but that Christians are commanded to show the love of Christ to ALL persons no matter what state in which they are found. Meaning, if they are hungry, feed them. If they are sick, attend to their healing. If they are tormented, minister the love of Christ, however this requires a Word-centered Christian/Counselor/Pastor who is spiritually equipped to recognize and cast out the demons driving mental and emotional illnesses among tormented individuals.

We find ourselves as a global church who has rejected not only the teachings of Christ but the DOINGS of Jesus Christ! Thankfully, there are a remnant of faithful Christians who hold to what is TRUE in Scripture; demons are REAL; they recognize Jesus in people; they become very uncomfortable in His presence, and with a well-placed Word or touch, they are cast out of a tormented mind. Christian counselors, Christian therapist and pastors, praying and ministering parents and friends, God is doing a great work through your obedience and willingness to suffer and be misunderstood. Keep allowing God to use you to set the captive free! #TRUTHTour We will not sit down and agree-to-disagree with Woke ideologies in our public schools and churches. We don't have "conversations" with demonic entities whose only goal is to steal, kill and destroy. John 10:10. We cast them out! We cast out homosexual policies, language, teachings & training. We cast out their so-called weddings & "reveal" parties. We cast out their hatred of the TRUTH and their hatred toward loving parents who stand on God's Word.

Here's what happened to some of our beloved Institutions of Faith who did not heed such advice. AFTER years of accepting invitations to have "conversations" with homosexual politicians, homosexual "theologians" or their employees, they are deeply conflicted and/or deeply compromised.

Christianity Today Magazine supports Leftists

It is time to DESTROY WOKE IDEOLOGIES and restore sanity in our homes, public schools and churches. It is time to remove processes of intimidation and silence among teachers and administrators who are people of faith.

**We must intentionally act, teach, counsel, expose & proclaim TRUTH without giving ONE OUNCE of consideration as to how the WOKE mob FEELS about it!

I write this not as one who thinks herself wise or strong in her own eyes. My prayer focus is to lead from a posture of humility, as God enables me. I accept the fact that I will be and always have been considered a religious fanatic by some; "ignorant" & "evil"- as a Flagler School Board member Colleen Conklin recently labeled me (for questioning the Board's loss of $716,586.00.) I STILL have questions...

I've been called narrow-minded, bully, hater, a homophobe. Folks, you MUST toughen up. I have learned to wear these insults as a Badge of Honor! If that's all it takes for some student, parent, pastor to hear a Word or be reminded of the TRUTH, or to prevent a life of regret from self-mutilation, sterilization, and perhaps have them to go on to live their REAL life in Christ; if ONE can be inspired by our BOLDNESS which comes from the Holy Ghost, then I have done my job. Come and join us on The TRUTH Tour. Volunteer quietly or plan to Proclaim the Bible's TRUTH on our Christian Open Mic. Pastors, evangelists, teachers, ministers of TRUTH are encouraged! Lastly, we encourage the Christian faithful to turn down any such invitations to have "conversations" with compromised voices. Christ has already taught us how to disagree with sin. There is nothing to discuss.

Rev. Charlene E. Cothran, President The Evidence Ministry, Inc., THE TRUTH TOUR

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