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Our Founder, Reverend Charlene E. Cothran is President of The Evidence Ministry, Inc., a ministry of the Zion Baptist  Church of Palm Coast. 

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She is an evangelist, conference speaker and counselor offering biblical solutions to deliverance from same-sex attraction. She also consults organizations working to prevent the so-called sexual rights revolution.

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Prior to her complete deliverance and transformation from 29+ years of lesbian life (2006), Rev. Cothran was a publisher of an internationally distributed gay and lesbian lifestyles magazine, VENUS.  


Charlene is a former advocate for gay rights and former active member of the following gay and lesbian organizations:
Human Rights Campaign, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, The National Lesbian Conference, The National Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Forum, recruited by the VICTORY Fund and was the co-founder of In The Life Atlanta (Black gay pride), and founder Hospitality Atlanta.   


By her new life and work, Charlene offers evidence that God is still in the business of changing lives! She is now a sought-after international evangelist, conference speaker and counselor. She offers expert testimony for legislators fighting for religious freedom in the US and abroad.

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We present EVIDENCE at Conferences, Civic and Political Events

  1. Same-sex attracted people were NOT born homosexual, says Dr. Lisa Diamond of the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

  2. Same-sex attracted people can and DO change, says Dr. Lisa Diamond of the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

  3.  The "Equality Act" : What They Want Most Now and Why!  This is a powerful slide show presentation exposing the genesis of and strategies used by homosexual advocates; the cultural shift already felt via three workplace "discrimination" cases argued by the ACLU before the US Supreme Court.  We also expose how and where homosexaul lobbyist and their allies quietly attempt to change policy in YOUR public schools, businesses and community.  (US & Abroad!)

  4. We counsel pastors, churches and parents dealing with influences such as the acceptance of so-called gay 'marriage' by members of their congregationand family. 

  5. We aptly and lovingly ministering the gospel of Christ to those who are confused about their sexuality or gender. We produce fruit that remain.

  6. We serve civic organizations and government agency open to TRUE diversity.  We actively encourage communities. Be willing to open your mouths and calmly speak what is TRUE in public settings.  When a RISK is taken for righteousness' sake, a SHIFT takes place!

  7. We encourage and minister to parents, spouses and children of those deceived by sexual sin.
    Yes, children of gay parents love thier parents. Yet they are quietly suffering because they do not know how to express what they know is NOT natural to someone they love.)

  8. We join forces with other Christ-centered organizations with similar goals and mission statements.   Coalition Members  

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