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I Am NOT Confused! Am I?

I attended the Flagler County School Board’s Community Advisory Committee meeting last night, Feb. 4, 2020. This group was seated to narrow a list of 35 job applicants who seek to replace the current Superintendent of Schools, James Tager, who will leave the position in June 2020. School Board member Colleen Conklin has been a loud and clear voice in support of the talking points of homosexual and transgender lobbyists. These groups are usually represented by Human Rights Campaign (HRC), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Southern Poverty Law Council (SPLC) and Equality Florida.

At the last two School Board meetings where I attended, Conklin was the lone voice of support among Board members, sometimes ‘congratulating’ the family whose teenage daughter is apparently confused about her gender. Folks, gender is a state of mind. Sex is biological. This young lady cannot possibly be confused about her SEX. She is a girl. She gets her period every month. Her mother and father know that. Her sibling and friends know it. However, all of her TEACHERS at Flagler Palm Coast High School have apparently bought into her self-diagnosed ‘identity’ as a boy.

Her family has been asking for new ‘policies’ in the District’s School Board manual to ‘protect transgender’ students. Let me make this plain; any such ‘new policy’ will CREATE transgender students! When a child promotes their own confusion about their sex, credible statistics state that 3.5 youngsters in the child’s peer group will say ‘me too’! Check the

This confused girl commented at the January 21, 2020 School Board meeting that “all my teachers checked to make sure they were using my ‘preferred pronouns’.

This is where I get CONFUSED!

The public has been told by the Board via Conklin, that no policies have changed and they don’t need to change for all children to ‘feel safe’. I met personally with Superintendent Tager on February 4, 2020 to learn more about his role concerning instructing teachers to use dangerous ‘preferred pronouns’ requested by confused students. His consistent response was “no policy of the School Board has changed.”

I asked him directly, if the policy of Board has NOT changed, are the teachers behaving in direct opposition to School Board policy by ACTING as if new policies to include dangerous transgender ideologies have been instituted? “No policy of the School Board has changed.”

I asked should not these teachers and staff be held accountable and disciplined for their insubordination to current standards of Flagler County School Board policy concerning a student’s biological sex and how they are to be address? Nowhere in the policy does it instruct teachers to use a student’s ‘preferred pronouns’ or (with exception of a knick-name) address the student in any such manner not consistent with their biological sex? “No policy of the School Board has changed.”

Well, then shouldn’t ALL PARENTS in the District be notified of the breach in behavior of the teachers and staff who have ignored standing Flagler County School Board policy by using dangerous transgender pronouns and placing district children at risk? His response, ”No policy of the Board has changed.” Tager gets an “A” for consistency!

Flagler County citizens, are we that dumb? SOMETHING has changed but has not been officially rewritten. I believe the process of rewriting the policy has begun. First step appears to be to get Collen Conklin hired as the new Superintendent of Flagler Schools. Not good, unless you desire to see an even greater increase in gender confused students and family members.

Back to the Community Advisory Board meeting….

I arrived early and stayed until the end. I listened closely. If Collene Conklin’s 4 people were unseated by the Board to avoid conflict of interest, you certainly couldn’t tell it. The School Board’s attorney started by explaining the SUNSHINE LAW but apparently forgot to mention the SUNBURN LAW. That’s the effect of having an attorney, the Board’s professional Job Searcher, and four Conklin talking heads state her name aloud … “Dr. Collene Conklin” … so many times that it was indelibly BURNED into the decisive minds of all other Committee members. Folks we are not stupid. This appeared to me to be a strategy to subliminally influence all Committee members to favor Conklin’s application above the other applicants.

Oh, but it even got stranger. The professional Job Searcher then asked all Committee members to turn to the fourth application and to REMOVE the reference letter. Are you serious??!! This is HIS job as a professional, to research and remove any non-pertinent information BEFORE distributing the Application Manuals. There were only 22 Manuals. He could have yanked all 22 letters himself before the meeting started. He insinuated that the reference letter was not truthful. The feeling in this moment was that the Committee members perhaps should not trust the information provided to Flagler citizens whom they don’t know personally or professionally.

He even asked them to consider that some of the applicants may just want to retire in Florida. What the heck is wrong with that, if the person is qualified to lead our schools AND will keep our schools and teachers FREE from transgender political lobbyists, who heavily favor Conklin?

Finally, the attorney asked if community guests had any questions. I greeted the room from my seated area. Another Conklin cheerleader, Stephen Furmar, asked to be seated at the front table with the Committee to give his comments. He said he had been appointed to the Board of his nonprofit ( by Conklin! He then urged all Committee members to attend a meeting hosted by his nonprofit to discuss the applicants that they prefer. Fair enough, but do you even have to wonder who is at the top of that list???!! You see where this is going, don’t you??!!

The School Board of Flagler County wants the public to believe that the entire process is above reproach yet it looks and feels like a sham. They are in too much of a hurry, so that Flagler County parents and the public will not have enough time or information to respond. If you have been even remotely concerned about these issues or have questions, you really need to be present at the next Flagler County School Board meeting to state your concerns or ask questions about the dangers of transgender ideologies and about over-zealous homosexual or gay friendly teachers indoctrinating Flagler’s students by their actions.

What: Next Flagler County School Board Meeting: February 18, 2020 Press Time: Evidence Ministry Inc. Press Statement at 5:30PM Meeting Time: School Board Meeting Begins at 6PM Where: Government Service Bldg. Moody Blvd. Bunnell, FL

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