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STOP LYING! Campaign Stuns Flagler County School Board Meeting

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Bunnell, FL--We were reminded of Gideon's Army in Judges 7:17-22 as Evidence Ministry supporters gathered in front of the Government Services Building in Flagler County, FL. Our enormous impact was made with fewer than 20 brave souls who stood with us to say STOP LYING to this School Board!! Glory to our God! Elder Nathaniel Wilcox opened in PUBLIC PRAYER which is being fought furiously by Democrats (to pray during any County meeting). We sang a song of Zion "I'M FREE!! Praise the Lord I'm Free!! No Longer Bound!! No More Chains Holding Me!!" Our speakers gave powerful witness that Christ-centered activism is alive and well, even in this culture! Our worship and public statements of fact concerning sexualized indoctrination of children in schools clearly agitated opposing viewers, who began to squeal loudly in an attempt to drown us out. We were completely prepared for this because Scripture shows us that where the name of Jesus is lifted high, demons tremble and squeal for fear of being cast OUT!! Most of the opposing crowd were children and multi-colored-hair teenagers, mixed with a few homosexual and trans promoting teachers and lost parents. Thankfully the group of citizens who stood with The Evidence Ministry were ALL Super Voters, and seasoned, wise, parents and grandparents from Flagler and surrounding Counties, including Christian patriot and author CS Bennett!!! Although we hoped for local pastors and congregations to join us for this much need push back, The Lord obviously deselected the fearful, cowardly, and those ashamed to speak of the gospel of Christ in public or who just don't care about the FACTS concerning the dangers of transgender/homosexual indoctrination in Flagler County (or other) schools. Once we moved inside, founder of Freedom Speaks, Bev Kilmer, was the very first to address the Board during the first public comments session. Her no nonsense style and rebuke of ANY consideration for sexualizing children in school policy was profoundly stated and set the tone for the entire meeting! She was no less forceful in her statements outside before the meeting began. She gave a stinging rebuke to pastors and religious leaders who have gone underground on this issue.