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It's Not Very Nice, I know.

Here is the FULL TEXT of a speech delivered by Rev. Charlene E. Cothran on January 27, 2020 @Donald Tucker Civic Center, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL during the Florida State Capitol's Pro Family Event.

Good evening Florida Families. To John Stemberger and the Florida Family Policy Council, I thank you for this platform tonight. To our House of Representatives and State Senators, I greet you all with Jesus joy and with great enthusiasm. I am filled with purpose and excitement because everything I have ever done has prepared me for this moment and for these times.

Yes, I too have a story of redemption from the sin of homosexuality, but I'm not going to spend much time on that tonight. I've been sharing my testimony for 13 years now. You can hear all about my story at our website,, where we promote evangelism, discipleship, and activism.

I want use my remaining 9 minutes to restore REAL HOPE in the hearts of every person under the sound of my voice that we can indeed return our State and nation to righteousness. The Holy Scriptures say that righteousness exalts a nation. Florida, I believe that we have been called, as a state, to lead our nation back to strong Christian family values. We are called to lead our state and nation out of the darkness of gender confusion being promoted throughout our public school systems, universities, libraries, Womens' sports and health care facilities. This is 2020! We don't have a moment to waste! We MUST act now. We must MUST get over our weaknesses and fear of speaking out against the homosexual and trans lobby Not only are our children's futures at stake, but their very lives are at risk! The American College of Pediatrics has provided concrete EVIDENCE for every parent, educator and legislator to review that teaching or "including" transgender ideologies is harmful to children. If these ideologies are harmful to the child then they are harmful to their entire family! If they are harmful to the family, and natural families are the foundation of society, then they are harmful to us ALL! We have come tonight to send a clear message to the trans lobby, to the Human Rights Campaign, to Equality Florida, to the ACLU, to the Southern Poverty Law Center, to the National Organization for Women, and to Planned ParentHELL...nobody tells these young women, nor the men who pay for their abortions, that they are going to experience an emotional HELL afterwards...we have come with one clear message to ALL of you: We demand that you STOP LYING!!!! STOP LYING to these young women. STOP LYING to our children. STOP LYING to our school boards and legislators! We won't use your 'preferred pronouns' neither will we teach them in 'sensitivity' courses to our teachers and faculty. We know that trick. We will NOT promote your lies. We will not allow you to use our children for your dangerous, irreversible, irresponsible social experiment. We demand that you STOP LYING on Christian Counselors. STOP LYING on Bible-based therapists. For as we have heard here tonight, there is an entire community of people who believed your lies, and wished that they hadn't. They have deep regrets about unnecessary mutilation of their bodies. Many had such deep regrets that they did not make it out alive. The suicide rate among transgendered is 20 times greater than their peers. Others, like me, regret wasting so many years of our lives in the artificial lifestyle of homosexuality. Thanks be to God, I'm living my REAL life now! Brothers and Sisters, there is no doubt that the greatest LIE of all, released by the homosexual and trans lobby, without one shred of EVIDENCE, is "I was born this way." This is the LIE upon which all of their court cases are won. History clearly documents that this was a purely political invention! Dr. Lisa Diamond, the highly respected editor of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic Manual, a devout lesbian, is on record at Cornell University telling a room full of homosexual activist to “STOP LYING!” She said to them "guys, we've got to STOP saying 'please help us.. 'we were born like this'. She said 'they have the data...this is going to come back to bite us one day." Well, I say today is the day! Florida, we have the EVIDENCE! Tonight, we've come to restore your CONFIDENCE! It's not too late to turn thing around! Many of you in this room are convinced that the fight against same-sex marriage is over. That it's settled law. Well, even homosexuals know that's not true. That's why they are shaking in their boots when we speak out! That's another major reason why they are attacking President Trump! They know that 4 more years will likely produce two more conservative Supreme Court Justices! The homosexual and trans lobby want you to believe that they are UNSTOPPABLE and that their proposed “FL Equality Act” is inevitable. Again we say STOP LYING! The only thing that would make it inevitable is if the people of Florida fail to SHOW UP & SPEAK UP where ever it rears its ugly head! I know that telling someone to "STOP LYING!" isn't polite. It's not very nice but Florida, it has come to that, on this issue! We will realize our POWER when we STOP being afraid to offend the homosexual (political lobby and trans allies). They are clearly not afraid to offend you. We have the power to reverse their curse on natural marriage, and on education but we must first BELIEVE that we have the power and refuse to receive anything but the TRUTH. That's how they operate. They refuse to promote anything but LIES! Click Here for a Short Video segment. (I ran out of time at the podium but you get exclusive access to the rest of my speech!)

So, Florida legislators, Florida Real Estate Boards, and Educators, when they come to you with their so-called "Equality Act"; trying to convince you that it’s about ‘discrimination’, when you know full well it's about public accommodation and getting PAID through frivolous litigation, we want you to halt them in their tracks and say “STOP LYING." School Board members, when confused students and parents, and their homosexual and trans allies use the public comment portion of your meetings to promote fake data, unsubstantiated accounts of hate crimes, and fabricated statistics about teen suicide (never including how many straight children also commit suicide…which means teen suicide is NOT about being accepted as gay/trans but rather about not having access to PROPER mental health services and spiritual guidance. When they show up at your School board meeting asking for ‘preferred pronouns’; for the ‘safety’ of all trans students, I hope you’ll have the courage, with the decision you make, to say "STOP LYING!" Lastly parents who are without the means to home school your children, when the DEMOCRATS tell you that you have NO CHOICE but to enroll your child into an atmosphere of homosexual and transgender indoctrination; I want you to stand up in that meeting and tell them to "STOP LYING!" Yes, I do have a choice! Learn about voucher programs and find a school where teachers are FREE to teach about the values of the natural family. Florida, we must be unafraid, unashamed and unintimidated. Let us take full advantage of what God has done. He has given us the most Pro-Life, Pro-Christian, and dare I say Pro-Black President I've ever seen! God has blessed us with an awesome Governor in Ron DeSantis. Let's make the next 4 years count! Let's work with our great leaders to reclaim our Families. God Bless America!

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