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Crying in the Wilderness

Some how I knew not to skip the Flagler County, FL School Board meeting last night

although I spent most of the afternoon trying to talk myself out of going. For what??!! I thought. I don't have any kids in the district's schools so why the Hockey sticks am I worried about a school board acting like they want to listen to a confused girl and her confused father about adopting false "pronoun" policies to "protect" so-called transgendered students? I say 'so-called' because a person of one sex has NEVER actually made a 'transition' to the opposite sex. They simply IMPERSONATE their desired disorder. And then I thought about the last school board meeting and the blatant lies told by the local media and other online sources about my comments and character. I thought about the several anonymous phones calls I received days after, filled with nasty expletives, hatred and intolerance. I saved them.

"I'm NOT going!"...I said out loud to make my self believe it.

I thought about how my real estate firm deactivated my employment agreement the very next day after my appearance in support of traditional family values was made public.

Thankfully, four other Brokers who heard about it extended invitations to work with their firms. I'm all settled in at a new company. Nope. I'm NOT going!!!

Finally, I thought about this young girl's future and the future of all the other children in

the district. I thought about how, in my college youth, I WAS this young girl; same hair cut; same hoody; same jeans. That's when I knew I HAD to go. Someone has to reveal the Truth to this young girl and her family. Someone has to take a stand and tell the school board that changing district policy to mirror cultural confusion is NOT going o change the Truth. She is a girl and she knows it. Her mother and father know it. Her sibling know it. Her classmates and teachers know it! The only ones they'd be fooling by labeling her with males pronouns is...well...NOBODY. We ALL know she is a GIRL! To force all the other children in the district to 'play crazy' and pretend they're addressing a male student

is not only ridiculous but HARMFUL to their overall development, so says the American College of Pediatrics. Their highly respected study clearly states the dangers of gender ideologies on confused youth. Regretfully, many parents and teachers are confused as well.

So I packed my printed parent materials, grabbed my "Stop Lying" sign and headed over to the Flagler County Government Services Bldg. where the school board meeting was

soon to begin.

Fresh off the Martin Luther King Holiday and truly missing the legends of the REAL Civil Rights Movement, I suddenly had a flashback to the early 1980's. I remembered the leadership of the Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, a past President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. I remember standing there watching as Rev. L